Providing a well thought-out and informative website is an obligation for companies of all sizes in this day and age. Parallel to the amount of information that needs to be presented, the demands on the site itself as well as its maintenance are also growing. Websites are becoming increasingly complex, while the time and resources available in a company for running and maintaining them are becoming ever scarcer. Efficient and time-saving website and content management is therefore absolutely essential.

This is where content management systems can offer professional support. They provide the underpinnings for not just one, but multiple websites in a corporate context, as needed. They allow several websites to be operated from a single place – with a consistent concept and corporate identity – while a central contact pools requests from editors and responsible employees. Sharing content over a range of channels and adding translations is also no problem.
And if more information is needed, the DXP (Digital Experience Platform) functions such as personalization, automation and analysis help.

Professional systems are increasingly specializing in a “one size fits all” solution, offering customization and e-commerce elements in addition to classic content management. Thus, CMS and DXP are merging more and more.

BAYOOTEC has been aware of the relevance of Content Management Systems (CMS) for years and has implemented numerous projects with different CMS. This experience enables us to support companies in their search for a suitable system that covers their requirements and to provide individual advice.

In our CMS Lab, we test the most promising systems during the evaluation process to experience the usability of the editorial interface, stability and configuration options in direct comparison.

Whether .NET or PHP system, whether Sitefinity, Sitecore, Drupal or Umbraco, we have excellent know-how in all areas to advise and support target-oriented.

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