What is .NET development and what is it used for?

Programs can be developed and executed on the basis of the .NET (pronounced DOTNET) Microsoft framework. .NET is therefore not a programming language, it is a collection of common structures and functions (class library) that are used frequently and in the same form when implementing applications.

The framework includes a program that can execute the developed application, the so-called runtime environment (also called Common Language Runtime, CLR) and the class library. In addition, .NET includes a compiler that adapts the programmed code for an application so that the runtime environment can evaluate it.

.NET development has been the focus for a wide range of projects for more than 18 years – from classic desktop applications with Microsoft’s in-house user interface framework WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to classic web applications (MVC) and modern API approaches.

The knowledge in the field of .NET development is an integral part of the BAYOOTEC developers and is therefore kept up to date by regular conferences, trainings and lectures.

Hände tippen auf einem Laptop, auf diesem und auf den Bildschirmen dahinter ist Code erkennbar.

What software solutions can be implemented with .NET?

  • Data Driven Applications

    The Entity Framework is an add-on for .NET, also developed by Microsoft, and is used for connecting databases.
    By integrating .NET Entity Framework Core 6 in conjunction with .NET 6, BAYOOTEC develops modern and fast database-driven applications. These are either located in the cloud, on OnPremise systems or on the own desktop.

  • Apps for Office and Teams

    In addition to custom applications, the development of Office or Teams apps with .NET is also possible. From requirement engineering to the final product including the publication in the Microsoft Store, BAYOOTEC is your contact.

  • Desktop applications

    To start where Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access reach their limits enterprise solutions are often needed in a decentralized way. We support our customers with consulting and implementation of their processes and develop .NET based tools with the frontend framework WPF. This enables us to provide desktop-based applications that make your everyday life much easier. Since we build on the latest technologies and approaches, we will also implement our applications cross-platform with .NET MAUI in the future.

  • Micro Services with .NET Development

    BAYOOTEC does not rigidly follow an architectural approach, but one which fits you and your requirements perfectly. You want to launch a microservice landscape and are looking for a qualified partner for the implementation of certain components? From small serverless applications to a complex microservice architecture, we support our customers on a technical and functional level.

  • .NET development in the Cloud

    You do not have an Azure Cloud in use, but use a Google, AWS or IONOS Cloud? With .NET, an application can be established in any environment. Based on years of experience in dealing with various cloud providers and Docker Containers, we can implement your solution in the system of your choice.

BAYOOTEC is your strong development partner in the area of .NET. You want to learn more? Get in touch now.